Unless you are on an incredibly long vacation, then you know about these super low temperatures that we have been dealing with. These temperatures, mixed with high winds, snow, and rain can take a serious toll on the exterior of your home. We are going to list from steps for you to take to help prepare your home for the damaging winter weather of the DMV area.

  • Disconnect & Drain
    • Any garden hoses that are still connected from the fall should be disconnected and drained. This will prevent the seals from cracking on the faucet itself and the hose. If water can is left inside the hose, it will freeze, possibly causing the hose to break during the winter.
  • Outside Faucets
    • If you have any outside faucets that are coming from inside of your home, it is crucial that you turn off the water supply to them. Also, pick up some insulating foam covers at your local home store and cover the outside faucet. You do not want these pipes freezing as they will explode just inside your home cause major damage that will ruin drywall and more.
  • Call Us! We Can and Will Perform The Following Preventative Maintenance
    • We will clean your gutters and downspouts before subzero temperatures arrive to prevent ice from forming, cause them not to work properly or even break.
    • We will inspect your roof for any damage before the freezing weather arriving. This is imperative, as it is probably too dangerous for you to get on your roof without the freezing but will be out of the question in freezing weather with high winds.
    • We can go over your house and check for anything that may be a problem and prevent it before the cold weather hits, and it becomes an even bigger issue. We can suggest other recommendation as to what to do about your irrigation system, bird baths, decks, siding, windows and more.

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If you are worried about your home in these wicked cold temperatures, contact our DMV Exterior professionals today. We offer free onsite evaluations, estimates, and can help ensure that the inside of your home stays comfortable.