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Siding provides two essential roles for your home. First, to protect the foundation of your home against the elements and second, to increase the home’s exterior aesthetic appeal. Siding comes in a wide range of materials and colors making it customizable to your aesthetic and structural needs.

DMV Exteriors offers the latest in home siding options. We help our clients select siding options that complement their home design within their budget. With advancements in technology, home siding has become more affordable and more durable.

If your home is need of new siding contact DMV Exteriors. We provide full-service siding for homes in Central Maryland, Washington DC and Northern VA.  Call our experienced and professional team at 240-722-6635 to set up your free estimate for new siding.

I hired DMV Exteriors to replace the old aluminum siding from my 2 level home. Gian, the owner seemed very knowledgeable and suppervised our project from beginning to end. Couldn’t be happier with the end result. David W.
Excellent Service! Great Work! Goes above and beyond ! Thank you! Aretha
I ♡ DMV Exteriors! Such a wonderful and professional experience Estefania


DMV Exteriors offers you a wide range of choices for house siding, so you can make the best selection for your style, budget, and needs. Whether you choose one material or decide to incorporate multiple materials to add texture to your home, replacing old siding improves the value and resale of your home.

  • Vinyl Siding – Vinyl siding is the most popular choice for house siding because it is both affordable and low maintenance. Your choice of vinyl siding colors and styles is virtually limitless. There is vinyl siding that is made to look like cedar siding or wood siding. We can help you combined styles and textures to create a high-end custom look within your budget.
  • Cedar Siding – Cedar siding is especially popular in Maryland’s waterfront communities and established neighborhoods. Cedar siding has a timeless beauty and appeal that adds instant distinction and value to a home. Cedar siding is very versatile, attractive in its natural state and able to accept a wide range of stains and paints. Cedar siding also provides superior insulation compared to other materials and is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage.
  • Cement Board Siding – Cement board siding is relatively new in the home remodeling industry. Introduced in the 1990s by James Hardie, the demand for cement board siding has steadily increased, and it has been ranked for seven consecutive years as one of the best return on investments by the Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value survey. Homeowners have one of the largest selections for color and style with cement board siding. Also, cement board siding is extremely durable, highly aesthetic and easy to maintain.
  • Metal Siding – When you say metal siding, most people think of aluminum siding, but there are other choices as well. Metal siding can be used all over a house for a modern look or combined with other house siding materials to accent particular architectural details of a home.
  • Stone Veneer – Stone veneer is a very popular choice for house siding in Maryland. DMV Exteriors can install stone veneer siding using a range of products to fit your style and budget. Stone veneer siding is extremely long lasting, durable and easy to maintain.


Before Harding Siding
After Harding Siding